A horrible hack



Year Released: 2015
Format: Tape
Label: Struggletown
Reviewed by MH on Nov 12, 2015
I wonder how you pronounce this one. I once met someone called KVIItlyn where the "ait" sound was spelt with Roman numerals. Maybe things are more simple here. b00kshelf is Alex from Manuals and Commonplace - a one-man band kind of thing, and playing some bedroom indie pop stuff. We have here four songs that are a little rough around the edges and all laced with a little melancholy. Whereas the vocals on Manuals could be a touch abrasive the style here is a lot more subdued. There is even a touch of Real Estate about the light and melodic guitar sound at times although this feels a lot more raw and sad. The last track veers a little towards post punk in the vocals and is the noisiest and most energetic track on here. Into this - interested to hear what's next as I hear there is now a band in place for live shows.

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