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Back Among The Blind

Year Released: 2015
Format: CD
Label: Boss Tuneage
Reviewed by Graham Sleightholme on Nov 16, 2015
Terminus were one of those bands I used to see on flyers and in zines but never got round to hearing. Unsurprisingly Boss Tuneage has dug up their back catalogue for another generation to devour. So here it is the 2nd LP from 1992 originally released on Words of Warning. I have to be honest from the outset and say i`m pretty underwhelmed with this ten song LP. The production is my main beef. The bass is all high in the mix and bouncy, the drums are far, far to clean and this pretty much eliminates the power of the whole thing from the off. Added into that, the band were dabbling with what to me sounds like a NEW MODEL ARMY influence and its going down roads I generally chose not to travel. Four songs in there`s `The Wheel Turns` and my stomach was turning. A acoustic folk number which I just can`t bear. Past that its back to the upbeat punky tunes none of which leave an impression. Ironically the best song comes at the end of the CD with a song which was originally written in 1984 (!) and has a decent KILLING JOKE influence. I got to say the guitarist is probably the strongest element in the band. If you like upbeat Anarcho punk and dreaming of living on travellers site you might like this but its pretty mediocre stuff and I can see why no one mentions their name.

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