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A Huge Black Cloud - The Demos 1983

Year Released: 2015
Format: CD
Label: Boss Tuneage
Reviewed by Graham Sleightholme on Nov 18, 2015
Well here it is WARWOUND – the Demo!! I recall this being talked about in hushed tones for years along with demos by PLASMID and GENOCIDE ASSOCIATION and desperately trying to get hold of them. WARWOUND was Pre- VARUKERS and SACRILEGE members. They deliver twenty five songs spanning three demo`s. Really 15 songs with differing versions. From beginning to end it’s a D-BEAT onslaught. The sound is still ropey and straight off an old tape. Perfectly keeps the energy levels and noise factor up. Straight to the point songs `Final nightmare` and ` Holocaust` showing the band's love for DISCHARGE. The bass is well up in the mix and the vocals are shouted and screamed off the disc and straight into your skull. `Ward Seven` is hilarious as it sounds like they're singing “war system” ala SHITLICKERS and that’s a good place to be in my book. Just in case the influences weren't obvious enough there is a DISCHARGE cover version (Never Again) which needless to say they'd played once or twice before. The odd thing for me is the way the demos are set out (third, 1st and 2nd) in running order. I would have preferred them chronologically so I could see the progression. Artwork wise it’s a skull with bullets which is standard and looks like every band who do this style. Digipack foldout with lyrics round off this belter of a CD and if you`ve ever jumped up and down to DISCHARGE / ANTI-CIMEX et al you'll be eating up this rediscovered gem.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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