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Billy Liar

Lies Lied Live

Year Released: 2015
Format: CD
Label: Make That A Take Records - Round Dog Records
Reviewed by Norrie Sills on Dec 10, 2015
Live albums are something my that my perception has changed on as I get fatter and grayer.

Hanx! got me into SLF. These days I avoid them as I kind of think it'll be a substandard version when compared to the studio recordings. There are exceptions, I reckon Hanx! caught me at a time when I was getting into punk and when I listened to it I would imagine I was there at the gig, as you age you lose the ability to imagine anything at all.

This is a recording of Billy Liar playing at home in Edinburgh in the Banshee labyrinth, where the punk bands can play. He is obviously relaxed and amongst his ain. The rapport between him and audience in and out of songs is funny and quick, feels spontaneous.

Songs are about half and half released stuff and half unreleased songs. Sound quality is excellent. Just a guy and a guitar belting his clashy belters onto his fellow belters in a place too close to avoid the spit. Again lazy comparisons are Billy Bragg, Against me etc. The tunes are immediate and catchy (all I've got) and the lyrics deeply sentimental in a good way.

Billy's new song "Noose" is far darker lyrically than anything I've heard him doing, explicit and true sounding, a story of family and mental illness. Not many go there and Billy takes us all there with him without warning. This was the highlight of this gig for me.

If you like Billy Liar you'll enjoy this.

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