A horrible hack

The Declining Winter

Endless Scenery

Year Released: 2015
Format: CDR
Label: Sound in Silence
Reviewed by MH on Jan 2, 2016
This is me reviewing some music I have little understanding of - it's the kind of music I don't really realise I like until I hear it - usually via the Collective Zine review pile. The Declining Winter is Richard Adams of Hood's lo-fi/ambient/post rock blah-blah-blah project - it kind of drifts in and out of those genres along the way. It's about 45 mins of gentle and subdued atmospherics featuring loops, softly-softly vocals and all sorts of reverb and field recordings. There's a fair range of sounds and instruments in the background despite it being pretty minimal and sparse, and every now and then a little more instrumentation crops up via Joel Hanson and Sarah Kemp. The feel is melancholy, restrained and all quite lovely. It's getting lots of night-time listening in my house at the moment.

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