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Wer Hoeren Will Muss Schweigen

Year Released: 2016
Format: LP
Label: Last Exit Music
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Jan 27, 2016
The cover is brilliant – it looks like William Kurelek was commissioned to reinterpret Push the Button by the Chemical Brothers and he’s done a sterling job.

The music is something of a mixed bag, comprising as it does, a male German voice, singing in German about things which concern and interest him in Germany.

The press notes reliably inform us that this voice, “not only says something but tell(s) it and leaves us in bliss,” but sadly the voice is speaking in German so it’s difficult for me to judge to what extent I am being improved by what it is saying.

I am sure you yourself, when listening to this album, will feel as frustrated as I did, when you realise that the “truthful but transient” lyrics you are enjoying would penetrate your conscious just a little more keenly if they were not being sung in German, unless you are a German speaker, in which case I’m sure it’s great.

How truly alone and profoundly isolated I felt when a song containing, “individuals and society, personal destiny and social life, meta level and microcosm” was playing and all I was able to do was smile unconvincingly and tap my foot arhythmically to the beat.

As Anthony says in Bottle Rocket, “take the time in school to learn a foreign language. I myself never did and I feel I’ve paid a price for it.”

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