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Year Released: 2015
Format: CD
Label: Boss Tuneage
Reviewed by Graham Sleightholme on Mar 23, 2016
Ok so point of interest to old punk fans here is that this band features Mackie from BLITZ. The mighty fucking BLITZ! Here we are decades later with his new outfit. Contained on this CD is 17 songs taken from other releases, mostly out of Print. Anyway with no lyric sheet (grrr, Boss Tunage) I'm left with the music alone to get my teeth into. Well age does indeed seem to have tempered the rage of youth somewhat. First and foremost I thought LEATHERFACE as soon as it kicked in but after the first few songs I started thinking it wasn't in that league, no incredible guitar licks for a start. The production saw to it that the instruments all sound clean and nice but somewhat flat which pushed a lot of the songs into sounding fairly similar. You know, that sound that 90`s pop punk bands had where the raw energy was sucked out of a band as it needed to sound saccharine sweet, well that’s what we get here. Urgh. Apparently all these songs have been remastered as well! There`s lot of vocal trade off and “wooaahhs” but there`s nothing in between these to make you think about the songs, lyrics or riffs, and eventually they started annoying me... Along with the lack of lyric sheet is this thing is in a digipack (terrible format, cheap and gets knackered easily). The artwork is fairly pedestrian as is the insert saying where the songs are from. ….Basically if you like 90`s pop punk from the UK and thought Crackle or Newest Industry were great labels you'll like this but ten songs in I turned it off.

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