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Immolato Tomatoes

Stumbling Block - '86 - '88

Year Released: 2015
Format: CD
Label: Boss Tuneage
Reviewed by Graham Sleightholme on Mar 25, 2016
Three demos here from 1986 to '88, containing 22 songs in total. From the off there's a strong US hardcore influence both musically and lyrically. I kept thinking of bands like LIFE SENTENCE but also there's a healthy nod to 7 SECONDS and the like. The opening 10 songs are from the 2nd demo and presumably put on 1st to show their strength. I can't really argue with that. `Religious Dictators` rips along with a killer drum beat and `Freedom on trial` has a great up front vocal. It's all fairly mid to fast paced stuff and the energy levels are kept up. The 2nd demo opens up with `Split in two` which has elements which made me think HERESY but then the next song `Who`s the Savage?` brings it back down to a GOVERNMENT ISSUE feel. Its tough to pin down and if anything it shows their depth as a band. It's not all straight down the line thrashing that’s for sure. The last 8 songs from the earliest is the rawest. Most of the songs appeared on the 2nd demo better recorded. Still a decent listen though. The songs are well crafted and enjoyable. You have to wonder why this band got so little attention back in the 80`s from the UK. As a keen zine fiend they rarely seemed to be interviewed whereas their peers seem to have gotten a lot more press. Maybe the Brighton scene lacked a network to breakout further into the UK or maybe it was the band's pretty naff name? Irrespective it’s a shame. Bands like this were instrumental in pushing and showing the UK kids that there were styles and ideas beyond the UK82 plod of Exploited and the (at that point) tired Anarcho scene. My only criticism of this CD is the lack of a lyric sheet but this seems more indicative of the label than the band themselves. This almost forgotten band have fallen through the cracks of UK HarDCore history. Listening to this I'm struggling to work out why. A great CD and a worthy addition to your collection.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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