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Poison In The System - The Demos

Year Released: 2015
Format: CD
Label: Boss Tuneage
Reviewed by Graham Sleightholme on Mar 30, 2016
14 songs from 4 different demos here from Sunderland based HEX. There`s an omission of their 1st demo but no reason given, a shame. Anyway the band started out in 1984 but the demos hail from 86/87 and are pretty great stuff. Their sound is obviously of its time and comparisons to their peers on labels like CRASS / MORTARHATE / BLUURG and local peers REALITY CONTROL are obvious in their early material, but unlike a lot of bands who are getting the reissue treatment (STONE THE CROWZ springs to mind) – This lot had more going for them, more songs and more energy and this CD is well overdue. It starts off with their 2nd demo from `86 which is pretty much down the line anarcho, done well. No complaints here. For me though demos 3 and 4 are the choice songs. The progression and move to a sound more akin to THE MOB suited them well and the revision of `Meat on your Plate` works well. The six songs across those two demos are great. It’s a crying shame that once again BOSS TUNAGE does not include a lyric sheet, just liner notes. The band seemed really passionate so it’s a real `own goal` from my perspective to have not included them. The 5th demo from `87 once again sees the bands move on sound wise, more towards what was happening around that time I guess. One of them went onto join HDQ which you can get an inkling of in these three songs. Fast paced melodic punk. Got to say I wasn't expecting much but was really impressed overall. I think HEX will pick up a lot more interest off the back of this.

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