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L'odio necessario

Year Released: 2015
Format: CD
Label: NC-ND
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Apr 24, 2016
Italian noisy crusty metallic hardcore. Actually i think this would be what you would call 'd-beat'.

I used to see that term written all the time in Maximum Rock'n'Roll (mainly talking about bands from Finland), and I never really knew what it sounded like (this was before the internet), but knew it had something to do with Discharge, so one day I bought a Discharge record, and got quite excited to hear it, cos I knew it would be brutal hardcore. Of course it was shit and I hated it.

Othismos are Italian, and are pretty crusty d-beat style hardcore with a pretty doomy metal edge to it. You know it's well played and driving, and there's double bass drum pedal all over the place, down tuned riffs, and vocals layered in distortion.

I don't like it much to be honest, I've never enjoyed the crusty side of punk rock, maybe I'm just too uptight for it, I don't know, it just sounds quite rubbish to me (and not in an enjoyable ramshackle way), I bet it's quite fun to play though. You love crust though right? This seems like a well played and good example - go and buy it. Me? I won't bother ta.

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