A horrible hack

Agador Spartacus


Year Released: 2015
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Apr 27, 2016
Named after Hank Azaria in the Birdcage, but with (unfortunately) less high camp.

I use the adjective 'solid' a great deal when reviewing records, it's partly because I have the brain dictionary of a boiled egg, but also because I get a lot of stuff that doesn't leap out, making me delight in its exuberant wonder, but normally just standard driving along music. It's never a criticism, and they are never bad. But you know meh.

Agador Spartacus are a 'solid' German post hardcore band, I mean, it's quality stuff they play well, they remind me of a lot of bands from the early to mid 2000's - a bit Cave In, a bit Beat Steaks. Riffing, slightly gruff vocals. It's all good.

Your mind is not going to get blown out of your head, landing squirming in your lap, screeching 'this is the best thing I have ever heard' at you. But it will nod along with your stupid head, and assume they would probably be a reasonable thing to watch live.

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