A horrible hack

The Blessed Isles

Straining Hard Against the Strength of Night

Year Released: 2016
Format: LP
Label: Saint Marie Records
Reviewed by MH on May 5, 2016
Whenever i hear a drum machine on a shoegaze record I immediately think of Curve and that's the case here with The Blessed Isles from Brooklyn as opener "Caroline" kicks in. However, they have more of a melodic and upbeat sound than someone like Curve. There's plenty of synth and they lean more to the lighter, dreamier side of shoegaze. It's pretty good - a little cleaner than I like ideally with this kind of music but they write good songs and the interplay between the two sets of vocals is nice. "Round And Round" is pretty anthemic and veers into New Order territory - something that these guys do pretty well actually and in combination with that shoegaze sound it makes for a good listen.

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