A horrible hack

Grand Blue Heron


Year Released: 2015
Format: LP
Label: Jezus Factory Records
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on May 9, 2016
I was hoping this band were named after a real Heron, a super sized gigantic Heron, standing tall on its tall skinny legs flapping its huge wing span and making other little Herons jealous, but it isn't. Disappointment Number one.

Grand Blue Heron are a Belgian band formed out of the ashes of another Belgian band called Hitch (who I assume were named after their favourite film 'Hitch' ((Will Smith’s best work?)). It’s slow burning noisyish alt rock. Honestly it's ok. It doesn't do a great deal for me personally - I have never been able to get into A lot of this stuff, it's not quite as horrible sounding as I need. It steps into artiness, but never too far as to be hard to listen to, which if I'm honest I would prefer.

A bit more like a freaky noisy Americana band. Is this what the Jesus Lizard sound like? I have never bothered to get into them, as disgusting as that might make me.

No real issues with it - its good quality hard rock, with an 'edge', and a sprinkle of Americana. Just not for me, you may think it's a blinder.

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