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Davie Allan - Joel Grind


Year Released: 2016
Format: Download
Label: Relapse
Reviewed by Alex Deller on May 30, 2016
First time I consciously heard Davie Allan was when I picked up a cheapo copy of the 'Devil's Rumble' comp, which compiles a stack material from '64-'68 and provides an effective soundtrack to any number of teens-gone-hog-wild flicks involving biker gangs, hot rods and switchblades. Quite what he's doing sharing a split with Toxic Holocaust mainman Joel Grind is anyone's guess, but in a weird way it actually works pretty well. Allan's surfy garage rock sounds suitably revved-up and beefy (it is a Relapse release, after all...) without losing its rangy, fuzzed-out classicism. Joel Grind's efforts, meanwhile, have the enjoyably wonky offness you might expect from a thrash metal dude who's decided to pen a couple of chipper Dick Dale-style instrumentals. It's odd and by no means worthy of 'classic' status, but while it's wailing full throttle from the speakers it's also pretty hard to complain. Now, where's the nearest frat hop me and my no-good buddies can bust up?

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