A horrible hack
This 3 track Ep had the backing of multiple different labels to get it to the world, that means a lot of people have a lot of faith in this band. I remember seeing them back in a small venue in Prague at a warm up gig for Enemy of the Sun a couple of years ago and they blew me away, they had so much energy.

The first track on this EP 'Sleepless Tension' is just that, it's tension unraveling, a heavy assault on the ears with some seriously catchy hooks, short and sweet, and reminiscent of bands such as Tragedy and From Ashes Rise. The intro into 'Lux' is totally different, atmospheric and beautiful, reminiscent of bands such as Downfall of Gaia or Agrimonia. The drums then walk you into the tortured screams and keep the pace for this epic bit of crust, with some serious rock out moments, and at over 3 times the length of the first track, it shows that Absolutist are not confining themselves to just one formula. The final track 'Traverse' closes the EP with almost a blend of the first 2 tracks in length and style. If you haven't got a copy of this yet try and track one down from a distro that still does.

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