A horrible hack



Year Released: 2016
Format: Download
Label: WOOAAARGH - Sell Your Soul - Tjueto Cvlt - Krimskramz - Smithsfoodgroup DIY
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jun 24, 2016
Bait are a conflation. An amalgam. Herein I hear, variously: rollicking post-screamo (Light The Fuse And Run, Transistor Transistor); epic post-metal (Isis, circa 'Oceanic'); fist-raising neo crust (Backstabbers Inc, Victims) and blackened screamo temper tantrums (Hexis). Despite the variety it flows together well and has been constructed with no small amount of skill, but the end result falls kind of... flat. For all its raging and ranting things're all rather functional and easy on the ear, meaning - much like similar efforts by countrymen Planks or Lentic Waters - 'Sunburst' tends to fade glumly away into the background rather than grabbing your attention wholesale by wilfully taking centre stage.

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