A horrible hack



Year Released: 2016
Format: 7"
Label: Damnably
Reviewed by MH on Aug 25, 2016
It's not often in 2016 that you see bands compared to the likes of Quickspace Supersport and Th' Faith Healers but that's what jumped out at me on the press release that came with this one. Th' Faith Healers in particular remind me of going to see bands in Camden in 1991 and traipsing around the record shops for indie records with my friends. I still have my copy of the "In Love" 12" that I bought at one of the now defunct second hand record shops in Covent Garden - they had loads of good stuff on the shelves - the only drawback being the industrial strength price stickers they used to stick on the top right of the record covers which pulled the corner off if you tried to remove them. I stuck that record on last night as a result of their mention in the blurb on this one. I still like it. I also like this Bruja record which features two tracks that are fuzzed up, grooving and with a nice thick, grungey guitar sound. "Tori" is the slower, more wobbly of the two and you can hear the influence of The Butthole Surfers with its guitar effects. I also like the unusual intonation on the word "maybe" in the chorus. "Sculie", meanwhile, is a little more energetic and melodic with an upbeat rhythm section and more prominent trading of vocal duties. This works as a great introduction to the band for me and it bodes well for the future as I hear there's an album in the offing.

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