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So Cow

Lisa Marie Airplane Tour

Year Released: 2016
Format: LP
Label: Jigsaw Records - Tall Pat Records - Lost Sound Tapes
Reviewed by MH on Sep 18, 2016
The power of PR - a second email from the PR people on this one reminded me that this existed and I might want to listen to it. So Cow from Dublin is on his 5th album with this latest release and has managed to avoid me until now so I'm hearing him for the first time (I just edited this to change from "them" to "him" as it turns out that this is one guy, Brian Kelly, who played and sang everything and, although he's had this in band form for some periods, he's back to doing the lot himself now). The blurb that came with this mentioned both Teenage Fanclub and Guided by Voices and there is a definite quirky side to both his melodic power pop and the lyrics which calls Guided By Voices to mind. I don't think that many bands sounds like this these days but another good match would be Dollar Bar from Brisbane. The catchy and nicely monikered opening track, "What Makes A Man Start Gorse Fires", is the pick of the bunch for me and also a good indicator for what follows.

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