A horrible hack

Aidan Baker and Tomas Jarmyr


Year Released: 2016
Format: CD
Label: ConSouling Sounds
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Nov 6, 2016
An extremely long album which delights in diversity and manages to incorporate numerous different styles but still somehow hangs together to create an extraordinary, unclassifiable whole.

Hypnodrome Ensemble, one of Aidan Baker’s previous collaborations is something I first heard via Collective Zine a few years ago and is still something I return to regularly and still find myself surprised by. This new album is something I feel I will be returning to in ten years time and still finding things I missed the previous five hundred times I listened to it.

To successfully capture the majesty of this release one would need a room similar in size to the one on Magrathea where Slartibartfast designs planets.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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