A horrible hack

Congenital Death

Fucklove: Prophet Of Death

Year Released: 2016
Format: LP
Label: Hydrogen Man - Ranch Jams
Reviewed by Kunal Nandi on Nov 13, 2016
I am loving this joyously blasterific morass of riffs that stops and starts like its very existence depends on it. Powerviolence, fastcore, grind and noise are all in the blender here, creating a satisfying sonic smoothie that may not flow especially well, but it does contain nothing but great bits and pieces. It's a tricksy, playful slab of ferocity that skirts the serious/silly boundary with aplomb, and it's remarkable how something like this could be conceived let alone arranged and performed for your listening displeasure. Some people might find its flighty nature a bit much, but maybe it's meant to be a bit much you puny humans.

Congenital Death
Hydrogen Man
Ranch Jams

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