A horrible hack

The Jones

Gravity Blues + Fatty Jones + Stokoe

Year Released: 2015
Format: CD
Label: Boss Tuneage
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Dec 29, 2016
Christ, do Boss Tuneage ever pause in between putting out records? The Jones is not a good band name and Gravity Blues is not a good album name either, but the music, thankfully, is alright. It's Dickie Hammond (rip) again with some of his pals, playing honest and personal rock music. (Yep, this is a reissue) The guitars are cool and there's lots of variance; I think where it falls flat is in the vocals - they are too monotone in sound and the delivery is samey also. More variance or a second singer piping up could have made a big difference. Nope, adding echo on track 4 doesn't do it, though to be fair he does get a little more emotional in the chorus on this song ('Black Hole').

I should add that the CD contains the original Gravity Blues LP tracks plus six songs from the Fatty Jones and Stokoe EPs. Could have perhaps have updated the album artwork Boss Tuneage, don'tcha think? A little rifling shows that Ian Cavell reviewed Gravity Blues back in 2001 and was much more positive. My guess is if you like the original release you'll like the extra tracks too.

29th December 2016

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