A horrible hack

Bloody Knives

I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This

Year Released: 2016
Format: CD
Label: Saint Marie Records
Reviewed by MH on Jan 25, 2017
I was trying to work out how this CD ended up sent to me at my parents' house with no note or anything to say what it was, who it was from or why it had been sent. A little research shows I reviewed something else on the label though last year so must be related. I live on the opposite side of the planet to my parents these days so it may well have been there a while but I'm assuming they were after a review. Anyway, the band name, the cover, album title and the track titles had me expecting some kind of angry metal but as became obvious on the driven squall of the opening track, this is actually some noisy and dense shoegaze - much less of the dreamier side of the genre. The track titles have a bleak side to them and it fits in with the music on here - thick levels of distortion and walls of noise reign throughout. A pleasant surprise on the whole.

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