A horrible hack

Child Meadow

It Hurts

Year Released: 2017
Format: LP
Label: IFB Records - Desertion - Emergence - Dingleberry - Emotionally Unstable - Music For Liberation - crapoulet - Bus Stop Press - Prejudice Me - La Cellule - Mosh Potatoes - Ours - Pundonor
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Mar 5, 2017
It was ten years ago that Bökanövsky released their debut. An underated band, they managed to create a distinct punk sound, with similarities only with a few other bands such as Lakmé, who they did a wonderful split with. Two members went on to form Child Meadow and carried on the sound, doing a pretty decent job too. My main criticism throughout has been that it sounds too much like a watered down version of Bökanövsky, and too samey in general. Songs like 'Immobile' are a good counter-example to this but, come on, stick on 'What About Friendship And Love', or the contrasting 'De Couloirs En Chambres Froides' to compare and tell me I'm not right; still a neat release but I wonder if they might, at this point, refine their style a little.

5th March 2017

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