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Pura Vida - Altraüma


Year Released: 2016
Format: Tape
Label: Cactus
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Mar 24, 2017
This one gets right into it on the kind of note that I appreciate. Altraüma are first at the plate. They kick off with explosive drums and big riffs, matched with vocals buried in the mix, just the way I like it. This reminds me of late 90s Snuffy Smile to the max. Seriously good vibes. They pelt through 3 songs with minimal let up. Each song a tightly wound ball of energy, this is a style of punk rock I have never tired of and hopefully never will. On their bandcamp they ridiculously mention that they are similar to Dads and Snowing. Come off it. This is far less measured and self aware than those two bands who never really did anything for me. I take away more from this little explosion than I ever did from either of them. I miss seeing bands like this live - the energy, the emotion, the sweatiness. I could lose a couple of pounds seeing these guys kick it, I bet.

Pura Vida slow it down, “Wait Despair” breaks in with a thick riff that I can’t resist bobbing my head to, like Sunny Day having a little tango with good era Hot Water Music. The vocals are quite strained and it’s very much like music I have listened to for portions of the last 20 years. It’s pretty trad but it’s exceptionally well observed. That’s pretty much where Pura Vida are at. They love the 90s. They love the same shit as me. They love being moody, they love being ponderous, they love twinkles, they love shouting desperately over thunderous riffs ... they love stuff that’s a long time out of date. I’m pretty sure they also love stuff that’s not quite as past it’s sell by date as this but they have heard all the good records from the style of music they are playing and this is a very good take on it.

Very good split here from two bands doing 90s emo in their own sweet way.

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