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La Ciencia - IC 1396 - Desidia


Year Released: 2017
Format: LP
Label: Dingleberry - Miss The Stars - Krimskramz - Rubaiyat - Zilpzalp
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Apr 29, 2017
You'd never guess this was a emo record from the first two minutes that La Cienca play - a quiet echoing keyboard provides the introduction. The guitars and drums then take over and it's a bit more clear where we're headed. Finally, things really get going as the vocals join in and what we have is some solid music that hints upon the likes of Sed Non Satiata and perhaps like a more drawn out version of their countrymen, Ciudad Del Cabo. The vocals are desperate sounding but not too OTT. Track one is really nice, with a good ending too bar the uneccessary effects pedal. Track two repeats the long intro trick, this time without keyboard. Okay so it essentially goes on for five minutes before fazing out and an audio sample plays for another two. This track feels uneccessary and kinda wrecks the band's effort overall.

Desidia are more standard and get straight into their take of Spanish emo. It has comparisons with early Ulises Lima until it goes into a long instrumental phase. Even though this turns out to be a build up to the more typically emo part that follows I feel it loses momentum. They repeat the trick again later; I don't think it works well here. Did I say the band were more standard? Their second track is bizarre and feels almost like a punk band making dance music. It's interesting and perhaps needs futher listens. Track three is excellent emo; please play more songs like this.

29th April 2017

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