A horrible hack

Witching Waves

Fear Of Falling Down

Year Released: 2017
Format: LP
Label: Odd Box
Reviewed by MH on May 27, 2017
I first came across Witching Waves last year when they sent their excellent second LP, "Crystal Cafe", in for review. This one here is their debut LP which Oddbox are reissuing having originally been put out by Soft Power Recordings in 2014. After slapping a big blue "Recommended" sticker on my review for their last album I picked this one up too so I am pretty familiar with it already. I might like "Crystal Cafe" a little more than this one but that is probably purely because I heard that record first. This one here is also a cracker with the interplay between Mark Jasper and Emma Wigham's vocals at the forefront of each song and backed by a driving rhythm section. I'd say the sound here is ever so slightly more raw than "Crystal Cafe", and, similarly to their last LP, it also sees them residing somewhere between Sonic Youth and something more post punk. It has a few great tracks too - "Better Run" and "News" for starters. I think "Counterpoint" might be the standout for me - love Emma's vocals on this one. Well worth checking this band out if the likes of Feature are your thing too.

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