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Child Meadow - Piri Reis


Year Released: 2017
Format: Tape
Label: Glord
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Aug 1, 2017
I slated Child Meadow a little when I reviewed their LP this year but I dig these new songs from them; I think the band work better over just a few tracks. They are short and sweet, full of emotion. There still lingers the ghost of Bokanovsky, which has its pros and cons; the third song, which is a cover, works well is this regard as it gives a fresher sound.

Piri Resi have been around for a couple of years and are one of the few Malaysian screamo bands in existence. Inquiry Last Scenery are still going after ten years, I'm not sure if there are any more. Do you even care? Anyway, Piri Resi have very shrieky vocals but they are distinct and the chaotic mess laid down by the rest of the band combines well. They remind me of some other band and it took a few minutes but I've I've realised it's Tristan Tzara (especially tracks two and three). I'm not complaining, and it's certainly not complete copycat. I could do without the audio samples on tracks one and two - these should be used sparingly and better be fucking good as it's been done too much - Fight Club, really? - but on the whole this is worthwhile screamo.

1st August 2017

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