A horrible hack


Sing Praises

Year Released: 2014
Format: 12" EP
Label: Kaos Control
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Sep 28, 2017
Its Sludgy, and Noisy, its Sludge Noise. It's only got like 5 songs on it which is a big worry for a man with the short attention span of a puppy.

Having said that it does seem to be barrelling along at some reasonable pace. When the singer isn't screaming he sounds a bit like Pete Steele which is making me laugh mind you.

Other than that you know what you are getting with this sort of thing - hardcore bands slow down and get more menacing if they decide to not go soft, or country (I hate it when old punks go country,what in gods name are they thinking).

So it got to the third song and I realised I was listening at the wrong speed, duh (it's pretty hard to tell when something is all sludgy and scream mind you, it's still sludgy mind you. It has made the record now sound less menacing somehow, and more like a heavier Kerosene and rock n rolly. Not sure I'm enjoying it as much.

I'm not hugely familiar with Unsane - but from what I've heard of them, this is along those lines - maybe a bit groovier like a gruffer Helmet.

Its not a bad record, and it's clear they are good at this sort of stuff, but I can't get into it, just not that enjoyable for me - the grooving riff has never been one that I've ever really enjoyed, I prefer more chaos in my noise. I do like the big horse face on the cover though.

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