A horrible hack

Terry Green


Year Released: 2017
Format: LP
Label: self released
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Dec 1, 2017
Terry Green have been around for five years but somehow I've missed them until now; I guess that tells you where I am with screamo these days. I do still listen to the genre frequently mind you, just not as much as I used to. The band hark back to the days of Kidcrash and the like, with fast wandering guitars and that noughties screamo feel. Actually I don't think anyone ever emulated Kidcrash, but their sound still jumps to mind. I am presuming the singer was in Van Johnson because he sounds exactly the same. The songs are relatively long for said style, three of the six are over five minutes. Overall, this is a neat record which I would have once been more excited over, but it remains enjoyable and has its own niche in the genre.

2nd December 2017

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