A horrible hack

Nothing Clean


Year Released: 2018
Format: LP
Label: Force Fed - SuperFi - Circus Of The Macabre - Abusive Noise - Samizdat - Repulsive Medias - Vleesklak
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Aug 8, 2018
This thing is enjoyably exhausting, truth be told. 'Cheat' serves as a 41-track smash-and-grab raid that's hardcore at heart but takes what it needs from grind and powerviolence along the way. Despite the mammoth undertaking there's enough variance in the songwriting to ensure things never become dull or samey, the carefully-clipped riffs and oxygen-free beats maintaining a sense of freakish energy and power for the album's duration. A muscled-down, less-metal Despise You suits quite nicely by way of comparison, though with what's currently going on across the UK – Human Cull, Lugubrious Children, Groak et al – you could just say that Nothing Clean are another sterling example of homegrown bitterness and brutality.

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