A horrible hack

Transient - Bastard Noise

Sources Of Human Satisfaction

Year Released: 2018
Format: Download
Label: Six Weeks
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Aug 10, 2018
Was a fan of the close-cropped, grinding hardcore Transient howled out on their first LP, so a follow-up featuring Eric Wood was always gonna have me pricking up my ears. While the collision of ugly hardcore and ugly noise is by no means a new proposition (cf. The Endless Blockade; Full Of Hell; Unyielding Love) the mash-up here is artfully and thoughtfully done. While the songs would have stood on their own two feet as merciless, jag-edged smashers, Wood's searing electronics complement the brutality perfectly, at times adding layers of bubbling texture and at others accentuating a squalling guitar part or a hellacious vocal line to the point where you're not quite sure where humanity ends and machine life begins. Highlights include 'Night Ass', 'Tether' and 'Hairy And The Handersons', but to be honest the best thing you can do is just close your eyes, step into the maelstrom and let the damn thing rend you bloodily asunder.

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