A horrible hack

Unwelcome Guests

Anything You Want

Year Released: 2016
Format: LP
Label: Dirt Cult
Reviewed by MH on Aug 7, 2019
I've got a couple of albums on my computer by this band but I'm not sure when, how or why they got there. Likely to have been a recommendation from a friend and I never got around to giving them a proper listen. Handy then that they should send in a copy of their latest LP - their 3rd LP by the looks of things - and they've done a bunch of splits and other releases dating back to the mid-2000s so they've been in this game for a while now. This latest LP hovers around the fringes of melodic punk and indie rock - a little raw, a little ragged. There's plenty of energy and the lyrics are heartfelt. They're almost an amalgamation of blue collar rock and something more grungy. "Villain" has a big hook while "Handle" is bursting with energy, and "Nothing Better" is noisier and ends things on a strong note. Enough going on here to have me delve into their back catalogue at last.

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