A horrible hack

Action and Action

Nineteen Twenty Two

Year Released: 2006
Format: 7"
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Oct 19, 2006
If you are like me, and are forever waiting around for new bands to take a crack at the indie/emo sound, then you are a bit of dork to be honest. Luckily, our patience is occasionally rewarded when out of the blue a band like Action and Action comes up with a song like Nineteen Twenty Two on this here 7". This song is an absolute belter, fueled by guitars that utilise the midwestmo twinkle and the crunching drive that you generally associate with the style. There's even a point in the vocals where it sounds like a Lovesick song. The music spirals off in various directions which is often how more recent bands interpret this sound, but unlike others who inject way too much variation and daft jazz into one song it hangs together as a cohesive and highly enjoyable track. I particularly love the racing guitars at the end that make me recall the Kossabone Red. Over on the flipside we get Reflective Clothing, which opens up with strained vocals and instantly will have you thinking about that Spy vs Spy cdep. It is not as instantly impressive as it's companion track, dragging in some un-necessary organ and some post punk jazziness. I think it's more of a case of it not really being my thing, or that I so enjoyed Nineteen Twenty-Two that I got my hopes up too high. Still, 1 great song certainly makes this 7" worth investigating. Smart!

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