A horrible hack

Army Of Flying Robots


Year Released: 2006
Format: CD
Label: SuperFi
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Oct 24, 2006
UK hardcore perennials AOFR have been shredding faces for a good few years now and this neat little slice of plastic somehow manages to contain the material they've spat into the public domain between the years 2001-2005, namely their debut 7" on the Audacious Art Experiment, split 10" with Jinn and last year's split 7" with fellow sluggers Taint. If you've somehow failed to miss them in the last five years, these Notts lads kick up a raucous din somewhere between Acme and Left For Dead - a breed of hardcore that's metallic in nature but keeps its straight-up intensity intact rather than bogging itself down with pointlessly frilly showmanship. The riffing is fast-paced, the drumming frantic and Henry's vocals a demoniac shriek conjured up from the seven chambers of hell, the combination of which serves to create the kind of non-stop wall of bastard sound that's less a listening experience than a full-on physical assault. Brutal, exhausting and about as good as you're gonna get in terms of UK noisemongering - buy or die!

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