A horrible hack

Acrobat Down

Beaver Falls Expected

Year Released: 1998
Format: 7"
Label: Crank
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Get in with your indie rock! Shhh. Look, I know it's not generally a good move for people who like to think they are cool by listening to 'obscure' music to be into something that fits into a mainstream category such as indie, but hey, you have to make exceptions. As some indie bands really are quite good, but keep quiet about this, or people way cooler than me and your good self will taunt us.

Based on these 2 songs, Acrobat Down are one of the good indie bands. Therefore it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to you that they sound a bit like Superchunk, another good indie band who it is OK to like if you have no time for proper indie bands that must be good, as they sell 10,000 copies of their triple formatted, CIN-chart-rule-ass-kissing singles, and get in the UK top 25. And maybe earn a slot on TFI Friday. But only if the Fun Lovin' Criminals and Texas can't make it that week.

"Beaver Falls Expected" - strange title. Not that strange a song. Vocals are very Superchunk-ish, wouldn't be that much of a leap of faith to suggest their guitars are similar too. But as with all clued up indie bands, they know how to play these instruments - i.e. coolly, which means both: rock and nice. Yet not bland, like the bulk of indie bands clogging up Steve Lamacq's radio dumb Evening Session. Coolly amusing story-telling lyrics too. I get the feeling this band are a little cynical.

I like the flipside too, "Last Stand of the Soccer Moms", which sadly is not a tribute to a bunch of mothers who formed a footy team, getting all the way to the Womens FA Cup Final, and bravely holding on to a 1-0 lead to defeat the Doncaster Belles in stunning fashion. Actually, I'll be damned if I could figure the connection between the lyrics and the title. Anyways, it's more of the same inventive indie with clever bits and rock guitars to keep you off balance.

Uh, yeah, cool. And it's on Crank, so you should probably buy it whatever due to the fact that there would be a way above average chance that it's therefore groovy.

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