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150 Watts

Year Released: 2000
Format: 7"
Label: Marry Me
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Hmm, this 7" looks like a Bluetip record. And it sounds like a DC influenced Deep Elm rock band. Those familiar with this "Spanish band that sings in English" will know exactly how similar their singer is to J Robbins. That's still the case. The music is less comparable to Burning Airlines this time around (don't ask me about Jawbox) but at the same time this 7" is very boring. My experience with Spanish bands is that they are pretty dull. "150 Watts" has a repetetive emo rock riff, but never goes anywhere. Melodic without being exciting. Nice and noisy, but, just, well, who cares? It is backed with "Test Drive". It sounds exactly the same? More repetitive emo rock riffing, all emo rock bands play this riff in their sleep. Oh, it has a bit more melody. I almost like it. That's how good it is. The design is yuk. Man from 1960's on surfboard and 6 year old kid being fed by dad are neither emo nor aesthetically pleasing. More pictures of rusty trains, planes and automobiles. Please.

One for all the Deep Elm kids. The best thing I can say about this 7" is that it is not whine rock. I want to kill Saves the Day.

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