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The Anasazi

Calculating Components And Compound Formulas...

Year Released: 2000
Format: CD
Label: Troubleman
Reviewed by Nadia Almashoor on Jun 13, 2007
And so I was talking to Mr Andy Malcolm one day. And it was about this new cd he got which had "ex members of..." and I said "that always helps doesn't it?" and he said "Oh yeah, defo. Ex-members makes me buy stuff all the time! That's the reason I got it in the first place." And by golly, isn't that right for most cases these days. God knows, if no one told me The Anasazi has members of Mohinder, Jenny Piccolo and Yaphet Kotto, do you honestly think I'd give a fuck? (Maybe 1/2 a fuck if that makes any sense at all.)

So now you know which ex members of, you might be 1/2 interested. What do they sound like you ask? Oh basically like those aforementioned bands, I'd say. While it isn't totally new nor original, it's got some pretty good hooks and it's not that bad. Sometimes they're heavily reminiscent of Index For Potential Suicide sans the keyboards. And IFPS sounds like The Locust. But I won't say The Anasazi sounds *like* the Locust in the least bit (though maybe early Locust). Stylings are raw and screaming, but aren't as over the top. There is a familiar intro sample that slides into manic chaos a la Guyver One in 'Mosquitoing Vector Control'. And there are certain rhythms in other songs which are more Yaphet Kotto-esque.

Yes I know I got this on cd than on vinyl. But it doesn't make much difference. You pray for the production as they sound rather muffled and distorted. But if you can manage to pass through all that, listening isn't that much of a chore really. 10 songs under 15 mins. It'll be over all too soon anyways.

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