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Die For The Government

Year Released: 1999
Format: CD
Label: New Red Archives
Reviewed by Russell Opie on Jun 13, 2007
Woah! Random punk purchase once again turns up trumps. I call this anthemic punk-rock in the vein of Rancid. Its has a slightly more aggressive edge to it though and it sounds a bit heavier. And I think its probably better! This album consists of much profanity and there are a lot of political based lyrics. Boy, do these guys hate conformity, the mainstream and the government. All the lyrics tend to be very anarchistic and totally anti-establishment.

The best song on here is "You've got to die for the government" which is just incredible. Makes me want to go nuts just listening to it in my room. Let alone if I saw it live! If I saw them live I think I would truly go awol. Meanwhile "Drink Drank Punk" sounds a lot like Turtlehead - scarily like them in fact. But its cool.

Man! These guys have cool names. Justin Sane, Andy Flag and Pat Thetic never fail to rock out on every single one of the 17 tracks on here. They are all so darn stunning. This really is how punk-rock should be these days - loud, bass-ey, and melodic. Other standout tracks include "She's my little go go dancer" which is a nice pop-punk tune thats been rocked up a bit. Unfeasibly catchy and just a wonderful sing-a-long song.

"Summer squatter go home" is more classic Rancid-esque material. But to be honest comparing this band to Rancid is a little unfair, due to the fact that Anti-Flag are so unique in their own right. They certainly rock out more than what Rancid ever do, and their songs seem more structured. They also have a lot more variation, and I just think that they are so much better. So if you like Rancid, you will totally adore this!!

Basically this album just plain rules.

Man, these guys have awesome mohawks!

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