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The Appleseed Cast

Tale Of The Aftermath

Year Released: 1999
Format: 7"
Label: Tan Bur
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
How cool is this! Appleseed Cast, on Deep Elm, putting out a 7" single on an obscure Swedish label. Wahoo! And they even have written the details of which side is which onto the record in gold ink. Actually, I don't know if either of these two tracks are available elsewhere on material by the Cast (I haven't got the album yet), and that would be a big negative. So lets assume these are exclusives.

On "Tale of the Aftermath", Appleseed Cast are definitely going with the noisier side of the Sunny Day Real Estate influence. Obviously an emocore band. Lots of abrasive and driving guitar forces the song along, whilst singer Chris is often lost in the background. A good track, and just goes to confirm, a long with the other stuff I have heard, that the AC are a good band.

Flip for "Skatter Ik Ignito" which isn't quite so impressive, but is still a decent listen. Slower in the main, though still pretty rocking. They build up lots of walls of guitar, and have depressed sounding vocals. The intro reminds of the Burning Airlines song, "Scissoring".

A fine intro to what must be a fine band. I look forward to getting the album tres soon.

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