A horrible hack

Arab on Radar

Queen Hygiene II

Year Released: 1997
Format: LP
Label: Herapin
Reviewed by Shawn Cameron on Jun 13, 2007
When I first put this record on I was surprised. It was very unique and a little little obnoxious (the singing takes a bit of getting used to). Not long after, after a few more listens I fell in love with this (love is a weird word to use for this record but...). It reminded me of a rawer Le Shok mixed with a little more rock and roll. The singing is high pitched odd sounding vocals, and the lyircs are very abnormal to say the least. They are doing a split puddle shaped (yes, puddle shaped) with the Locust next mnonth which should be exciting. 6 new the Locust songs and 2 new from Arab on Radar. That could be a good way to be introduced to Arab on Radar but I would recommend this to fans of bizarre San Diego tinged music connoiseurs.

I've said weird or words like weird probably a half a dozen times already and that doesnt even begin to describe the sound Arab on Radar emits. I love it.

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