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Year Released: 1998
Format: 7"
Label: Dreamy
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
If ever a band were suited to the name of a record label. Arco are on a new label called 'Dreamy' (which also doubles as one of my more overused review words), and that pretty much sums up this 3 track 7".

I don't think they could get any more quiet if they tried. I had it on a fair volume just then, and forgot it was playing. A side, "Distant Lies" revolves around a simple, repetetive guitar melody, and soft, far away vocals that lull you into relaxation. Mixed in are some swirly keyboard sounds. Not sure if the singer is male or female, or what the lyrics are about. Who is it like? Erm, a very subdued Rainer Maria have stolen Antarctica's keyboards and have scarpered off quicksharp to play in some other ethereality where no-one will find them. Stunningly simple, yet fantastical too.

2 songs on the flip, both clock in at around 2 and a half minutes compared with their lengthier a-side cousin. "20,000 ft" adds some bassoon to the sound, and distorts the vocals a bit. Could be highly depressing in the wrong circumstances. Final effort is the appopriately entitled "Sleep", a song which sounds so empty that you could fall into the gaps between it's sparsity if you're not careful. Piano and some practically whispered vocals, plus some hidden away backing sound effects that the blissed would call 'birdsong' and the annoying would call R2D2. It's up to you.

Just add to your list of decent British indie bands that have more of a desire to make good music than to make a good living - the sooner indie bands realise they only have such a teensy, tiny chance of breaking it *big* any more, the better. All power to the ones who don't care. Music for people who are easily scared.

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