A horrible hack

Artimus Pyle

Civil Dead

Year Released: 2000
Format: LP
Label: Prank
Reviewed by Pete Burn on Jun 13, 2007
Holy shit! Prank comes through once again with one of those 45rpm 12" records. Artimus Pyle deliver an all out crushing thrash attack over the space of eight hardcore blasts. Although the music is more mid paced, which gives it a crust influence. This reminds me of what you may imagine a band like Econochrist doing if they were still releasing records, Artimus Pyle share both musical and lyrical similarities (which makes sense, because they both all come from San Francisco). Some quick reference points would be Born Against in the more melodic parts, while the vocals sound totally pissed off, sometimes bringing to mind Mike Kirsch's style in Bread & Circuits. The drumming is really good, utilising a double kick more reminiscent of early Melvins stuff as opposed to straight metal fills. So yeah, this is a good record to own if you like hardcore music to be loud, fast and abrasive.

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