A horrible hack

At the Drive In

One Armed Scissor

Year Released: 2000
Format: 7"
Label: Grand Royal
Reviewed by Shawn Cameron on Jun 13, 2007
my dislike for at the drive in, at one time, went far past not buying their records, but rather, making a point of vocalizing my annoyance with their bass heavy, rage against the machine influenced rock songs. i despised all i had heard. several singles. the famous "in|casino|out" album among others. with this a basis for my review, i begin my opinion on the new single, released on grand royal records.

alright, the music aside, the vinyl is the thinnest i have yet to witness. i didnít realize this much of an effort to make a cheap record could be made. no insert, but rather the info on the sleeve, no lyrics, and a pretty barcode. two of these songs will appear on the forthcoming record. i am starting to question the need for this single.

the title track was the reason i put my six dollars into the record store. a catchy and well written song structure managed to get me into this song. i heard it before. and was very impressed. so impressed i gave into the hype that is "at the drive in". this song is 1] not bass heavy and 2] free from annoying screams. i can whole-heartedly recommend this song.

as for the remaining two songs. they reminded me why i dislike this band so much. emphasis on the rock, and big explosions to get the kids dancing. sounds like a good thing. but i donít feel it is. its a ploy, a formula that wont fail, and they know this and continue to forget the true feeling of music and replace it, with a business-like solution.

style rock, with a bad fashion sense [the tight pants and big hair, no thank you] i donít know if i would recommend this. but iím sure i donít need to, the hipsters are already running out to buy this. i am going to keep this seven inch. to document their shining moment. but future endeavors, i wont even look into. thanks for the one good song.

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