A horrible hack

At the Drive In


Year Released: 1999
Format: 10"
Label: Fearless
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
These guys seem to be going absolutely super nova at the minute, very popular indeed. And having enjoyed their last full length, I thought I'd pick this one up too. And rather excited I was by the first few seconds, a nice blippy, drum'n'bassy Joan of Arc style intro. Wow, they have changed! Not to last though, as soon they were into their hardcore influenced rock they are on the road to perfecting. The opening track is pretty damn great, melodic and tuneful with stop-start emo riffing, a nice twinkly breakdown and underlying keyboards that certainly add an extra element to their sound. The vocals are shoutily sung in that kinda Rage Against the Machine type way that the singer has. Track two strides up to the plate with a great rock'n'roll intro of rumbling bass, urgently spoken vocals, and rolling drums. Then it ups the rock quota and starts blasting a long at a fair old pace. "Ursa Minor" has some Jehu like quirkiness, but also some great melody and more of those cool keyboards. Things keep up the rock on track four, a toe tapping belter. It's weird, cos I've played this a few times now and I never really got into it. But this time, oh yes, it's really hitting me in the right spot. We also have the spacey, "Metronome Arthritis" which has some extremely weird parts indeed, and a superb breakdown into some Boilermaker style indie rock. Man, I only just realised how much of their guitar style on this EP is similar to the faster Boilermaker songs. And the melancholy final song is similar to some of their slower ones. Whatever. Anyway, Check these lyrics: "quick to the throat in this ink cartridge funeral, mrable caps lock zip code affiliate". Pardon? And why the backwards vocals on "300 MHz"? That just weirds me out totally. It makes it sound like he says "fuck" a lot and is very much out of breathe.

There are a couple of weaker songs on here. At least, that's what I was gonna say before this time around for listening. Maybe there is one. Maybe none. My bad.

I dunno, I was gonna say maybe unless you're an ATDI fan, save your cash and get the split 7" with Burning Airlines next year. But then again, if you haven't heard them then this would also serve as the perfect intro to a band you oughta hear whilst they are heading towards what'll probably be their peak. And it is on lovely winter sky blue 10" vinyl after all.

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