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At the Price of the Union - Some Soviet Station


Year Released: 2000
Format: 7"
Label: buddy system
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
You, personally, have no idea how long I have been desperately looking for this 7". No idea at all. Like months and months and months. And, unless you know about the Kossabone Road, you will have no idea why. Well, Some Soviet Station (which rather coolly abbreviates to SSS) have 3 ex-members of Kossabone Red, the greatest Cap'n Jazz tribute band of all time, and the artists of one of the best albums of past couple of years. So finally I am able to acquire this, and boy does their song meet all expectations. I am, in fact, struggling for any half decent comparisons. There are vague traces of their former life left as evidenced by some low in the mix jangle guitars and a really lovely melodic chorus with dualling vocalists, but the prominent featuers are the urgent yelled vocals, lots of DC-ish riffage, plus the tendency to suddenly drop into some jazzy noodling a la Hoover. I guess it's just a quirky slant on rock, like how Bluetip quirk things up, but this is going slightly further. Particularly when they have a guitar solo over the end of the song. Crazy. I was going to say: "I hope they put out an album soon". The sordid truth is that it is out on May 2. Rock.

At The Price of the Union are also playing DC stuff in the same way that At the Drive In do, just less insanity, and probably no afros. They have that DC groove down pat. In the mix are shouty vocals, and lots of swaying back and forth. This is good, but it isn't as good as it's bro on the other side. Solid.

Yeah, this was put out by a label with a crappy name. And yeah, you were foolish enough to let Kossabone Red pass you by. Don't end up in the same situation with Some Soviet Station. For the love of the god guy!

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