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Audio Armada - Sunsets & Landscapes


Year Released: 2000
Format: 7"
Label: Eighty North
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Oh boy. If Audio Armada don't put out another song, them I am like, gonna kill a guy or something. As this is just too good, far too good, and exactly the sort of music I require right now. Although I have a never ending procession of records featuring guys who yell loud arriving in my hands, I would much rather listen to this sort of thing of late. This sort of thing is just spot on. It doesn't remind me of anyone in particular, though the soft vocals and the strange cocooning effect of the music (this it the aural equivalent of a giant duvet) make me think of the Evergreen 7" on Gravity. Take that as a huge recommendation. "TakeNumberNine" needs a moment to get going, but is well worth the wait, as it gently twinkles into life, the subtle bass helping things wander a long at a care-free pace, moving towards the finale at a more urgent pace, adding the hum of a keyboard. And it is perfect, but for one tiny flaw: the song is not long enough. It ends. This song should never end. Features an ex-member of Guyver One. Yeah, that's what I thought too.

And b-side chums, Sunsets and Landscapes, and not bad either. Which means we have a good split 7" on our hands. S&L are playing slightly mathy indie rock, with a very prominent bass sound. In fact, the bass is pretty much the most obvious feature for most of this song, as the vocals are mixed in amidst the sound. The best part of the song is the finale, where the track changes direction, getting bouncier and throwing in some blippy keyboards. Makes me think of Man I Fell In Love With's EP in a way. Oh, and the inlay claims it was recorded in their kitchen, which is very believable based on the sound, it's not the best ever.

Well worth checking out my friend.

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