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100 Times

Year Released: 1999
Format: CD
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Reviewed by Russell Opie on Jun 13, 2007
A new 6 track EP from Avail then. This is the forerunner to their new album and their debut for the Fat Wreck corporation. And its a shame that 2 of the songs have already been released. They are still amazing tracks, and yes they've been re-recorded (in order to dodge copyright, I presume) but if you've heard them before, whats the point?

Just for your information, the old songs included on here are "Order" and "Pinned Up". Classic Avail. They're great. No need to say any more than that. Ok, on with the new songs. Now this is where things get interesting. "Union" is one of Avails slower numbers, like the more melodic rocky ones from their Over the James album. And with "March" Avail show us another side to their multi-faceted sound. This includes those incredible lyrics that only Avail can write. Just stunning. And they manage to work in some army style drum beats at the beginning too. Cool. Has a rocking catchy little chorus. This is bloody darn fine.

But its the final track that really makes this quite an essential purchase. Unless of course the song, "Connection", turns up on the new album. In which case it won't be. But this is quite possibly the best Avail song I have heard. I kid you not. The band return to their more hardcore sound. Add some rock. A dose of punk. Those killer vocals. Intelligent lyrics. And you've got the makings of one awesome tune. Amazing.

In conclusion then - well a couple of the songs on here have already been released. But hey - its AVAIL. I'm not complaining. And the new songs are just as great as I'd hoped they'd be. Rock!

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