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Over The James

Year Released: 1998
Format: CD
Label: Lookout
Reviewed by Russell Opie on Jun 13, 2007
This is the latest offering from Avail, who just happen to be kings of melodic punk-rock. They are a very influential and highly respected American band on the best record label in the world ever (Lookout). This album consists of 14 of the most driving modern punk-rock songs. The mixture of superb guitars and awesome vocals, provide a punk induced adrenaline rush. Every song is capable of hitting the mark bang on target. From the super-fast, shouty "Scuffle Town" with its thrashy guitars and awesome drum beat, to my fave track on the album "Sanctuary 13" - this song is considerably slower and less punky than anything else on the album, and I love it. I have great appreciation for bands that try something different from what they normally do. The emotional and 'catchy' (for want of a better word) lyrics of "Sanctuary 13" are truly beautiful.

Opening track "Deepwood" is a purely rocking punk effort. Melodic vocals and awesome guitar riffs, really should have you moshing on your bedroom floor. Get out your air-guitar, boy! Your gonna need it for all 33 minutes of this punk-rock fest. "Fall Apart" is another classic AVAIL song, consisting of majestic guitars and that special ingredient that makes a song great.The problem with AVAIL is that they seem to be capable of adding this magic to every song - making this very hard to review. This really is just too good. I have delibrately put off reviewing this album, because I knew this would be the case. Consequently I haven't listened to this for about a month. And coming back to it, after that amount of time, it makes me feel how truly impressive and moving this album really is.

Other punk-rock gems such as "S.R.O." (you won't be able to help singing along to this little baby) and "Vine" (which has a repetitive knack of being able to get me jumping up and down) with its shouted metal-esque vocals and rough guitar sound. "Cross Tie" is another of AVAIL's bold movements into writing slower melodic punk tunes - but it also gets motoring at times,to keep it consistent with the rest of the album. Final rocking track, "Fifth Wheel" finishes the album off in a memorable and pleasant way. All in all a quite diverse album then, with punk-rockingness of giant proportions.

Top-notch band this. Go rock with them - you crazy punk.

Oh, and buy the album too.

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