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The Babies 3

A Hole Where My Heart Should Be

Year Released: 2000
Format: LP
Label: Scene Police
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
As you well know, this band is made up of 3 actual babies. They play all the instruments and everything. It's rather impressive. And I have this record on - "Someone poured blood in my custard!" multi-coloured vinyl. Apparently it is rarer than the other version which is 2 split halves, like a No Idea record. Does this make me better than you? No. Of course not. That would be silly.

Babies 3 play old school emo tinged rock, this means they are great, this means they sound ever so slightly like, say, Julia, but with no-math, and sung vocals instead of however one would describe that strange fella that fronted Julia. First song, "Turbulence Down" is a great start to this record, long introduction mixing up the jangly guitars and the more rock bound instrumentation, eventually bringing in the words and a lot more rock. And this is how they tend to work. Lots of guitar chug blended in with soaring parts, some pure magic twinkling, and emotive vocals. "Barbie and Me" in particular is successful at filtering all these great points into one wholesomely amazing song. But I am being unfair here, practically everything on here is super. Emo rock with bonus hardcore.

There are a couple of moments where they try a different approach, "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait" is hardcore rock with some harsh screaming vocals thrown in for good measure. I prefer their other style, but it's nice to hear a bit of variation. Without the metal riff on the chorus, then yeah, it'd meet with more approval. Additionally, their 3 tracks from the split EP with Sunfactor & Rydell are re-submitted for your listening pleasure. Luckily they're all as good as you remember.

Personal favourite track is the finale - "Two States". Spoken word spectacular over twinkle after twinkle. Special. That's the word.

Awesome. Simple as that. The UK does it again.

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