A horrible hack

Beautiful Skin


Year Released: 2000
Format: 7"
Label: GSL
Reviewed by Nadia Almashoor on Jun 13, 2007
Ahhh...this is just 'weird'. I took this 7" solely on the fact they were described as "harsh electronic". Intriguing? Oh yeah.

Side A : 'Sex Is A Triangle For The Perfect Square'. Somehow or other that song title actually makes sense. Song titles aside, English accented vocals echo with creeping electro rhythms. Repetitous, monotonous, the vocals get all snotty towards the end. Very dark and goth. It can be mellow. It can also rock.

Side B: 'Work Will Set You Free' intros with strange sounding samples followed by the echo-vocals creating a jittery mood then suddenly it stops and goes thrashy with those "harsh electronics". Easily described as club music(?). Sort of like how Underworld does it but in a more dark and haunting sense. Giving that goth rock - cybercore feel of agressive guitars blended with synths and other samples. And through repeated listening I have actually grown to like this track. I imagine myself trapped in an underground club with circling laser lights...high on, some drug. "shout shout lager lager" ala Trainspotting.

This piece is sort of like Kraftwerk and has touches of Devo here and there. Mr Shawn Cameron would love this. I still think it's 'weird'.

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